Perserving the Ancient Kangal dog in America.

Lynx - 2.5 year old Kangal dog (with Boz Shepherd variation)

120 lbs, 31 inches tall

Lynx is our breeding female out of Rocky Mountain Kangal, a Ayi/Turk pup.  An impressive female at 120 pounds and around 31 inches tall, the best words to describe her would be Navy Seal.    We joke that if she were a human she'd be the first navy seal.  She is an excellent working specimen, supremely athletic and able to work long and hard hours.  

Her instincts are sharp and she is quick to alert when there is threat.  A proactive guard her style is to chase it down and away.  The beauty of Lynx is her ability to reason.  She has an innate understanding of when something is a threat and should be reacted to and when something is no a threat and she can relax.  

Her chilled out vibe makes it very easy to socialize her.  She is very stable and socializes on ranch when working, and off ranch.  

The stability in her character means she can even come to work with me and be a part of my group obedience classes.  I am a dog trainer, and behaviourist as well.  

Excellent Health Report from the OFA

The Orthopedic Foundation of Animals has certified Lynx's hips as Good, and her Elbows as Normal (elbows can be either normal or abnormal).  

Koel-Owned by Brick Kangal, in New Jersey, USA

125 lbs, 30 inches tall

An exceptional male out of Brick Kangal, in New Jersey, USA was our stud pick for for Lynx.  More of a Kangal influence in Koel then the Boz he offers an excellent bloodline to further improve the Kangal genetics that we strive to improve.  A solidly built working dog with good structure, at around 120 to 125 pounds he is efficient and not too cumbersome for working purposes.  

Koel has an exceptionally sweet and kind temperment, a real gentle giant who aims to please his master.  His coat is the classic old style ancient Kangal coat, built to withstand harsh weather conditions and was something I wanted to breed into my lines here in Canada. 

Efficient Working Size

Puppies availables, once a year


Excellent working dogs for your ranch or homestead farm.  

Puppies 1 week old born July 11, 2019


The very best in quality.


Top Quality working dogs with exceptional speed and stamina to keep your stock save.