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We aim to preserve the true working Turkish Kangal dog, one like the ancient Kangals the Turkish people have used for thousands of years to guard livestock.  Seeing why the Turkish people saw the Kangal dog as a national treasure, we believe strongly in following the blueprint of their breeding methods, rather then following american registrations.  As such, we aim to always produce a heroic guardian dog watching over their flocks, with supreme athleticism; speed, strength, and endurance to work all day.  A fierce fighter when defending their flocks, yet a gentle dog who could go into the villages at night and socialize safely with children, the elderly and fellow villagers.

We like to maintain a widened gene pool by breeding different regional landrace variants of the Turkish Kangal into our lines, enhancing the health in our lines and avoiding inbreeding practices.  The Boz Shepherd is a regional landrace variant of the Turkish Kangal which we have selected to add into our lines, to bring up the size to better match the threat of the Canadian wolf, a much larger predator wolf then the middle eastern wolf in Turkey.  The Boz Shepherd  added into our lines usually gives our dogs a more laid back temperment, a honest guardian capable of knowing when it is worth reacting to a threat and when it is worth ignoring.   In Turkey, the Turkish Kangal comes in several different forms, regionally the breed can differ in size, structure, and appearance.  

While our primarily goal is  a working dog for livestock guardian purposes, our dogs are often in demand for small homestead homes.  An adaptable breed, they can enjoy life as your training companion for an athletic handler who wishes to have an active, giant breed dog with longer lifespan to accompany them on their adventures.  

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Raising top quality working Turkish Kangal dogs.  Excellent blood lines, extremely athletic and proactive in dealing with threats to your livestock or homestead.  While we believe in breeding excellent working dogs we want to preserve the gentle nature of the Boz Shepherd, and maintain the character of a working dog, who is dual purpose as a homesteading dog and gentle and friend to your family and friends and social dogs who might visit your ranch. turkish kangals breeder

Orthopedic Foundation for Animals Inc. Hip exam record

Preserving the Breeding practices of the Turkish people

To prevent health issues, the Turkish people actively keep the gene pool larger allowing breeding outside of line breeding.  They actively breed Kangal dogs to Boz Shepherd dogs (a variation of the Kangal dog) to improve health and widen gene pool.  For this reason Kangal dogs tend to be generally much healther then other giant breed dogs.  

Lynx is OFA health tests - Hips rated as good, Elbows rated as normal (there is  only two ratings, normal or not normal).  


Athletic Working dogs

Turkish Kangals (or Boz Shepherds as they can be referred to) are by their very nature working dogs.  They have been actively breed for working livestock for hundreds of years.  These dogs are extremely athletic and require a job, they are not a dog for suburbia.  The breed is a beautifully put together combination of Mastiff and Sighthound.  Mastiff bringing the power and size to deal with threats to their flocks, and Sighthound giving them termendous speed to intercept those trespassers.  

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